AST = Aboveground Storage Tank

CAA = Clean Air Act

CAL/OSHA = California Occupational Safety and Health Act

CCR = California Code of Regulations

CEPRC = Chemical Emergency Planning and Response Commission

CERCLA = Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act

CFR = Code of Federal Regulations

CGC = California Government Code

CLC = California Labor Code

CPC = California Penal Code

CVC = California Vehicle Code

CWA = Clean Water Act

CWC = California Water Code

DOT = Department of Transportation

DTSC = California Department of Toxic Substances Control

EHS = Extremely Hazardous Substance

EPA = Environmental Protection Agency

EPCRA = Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act

FGC = California Fish & Game Code

HC = Hazardous Chemical

HM = Hazardous Material

HMTA = Hazardous Materials Transportation Act

HNC = California Harbors & Navigation Code

HS = Hazardous Substance

HSC = California Health & Safety Code

HW = Hazardous Waste

LEPC = Local Emergency Planning Committee

NGPSA = Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Act

NPDES = National Pollution Discharge Elimination System

OSC = On-Scene Coordinator

OSHA = Occupational Safety & Health Administration

PCB = Polychlorinated Biphenyl

PEL = Permissible Exposure Limits

POTW = Publicly Owned Treatment Works

PUC = California Public Utilities Code

RCRA = Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

RQ = Reportable Quantity

RWQCB = Regional Water Quality Control Board

SEPC = State Emergency Planning Commission

SWRCB = State Water Resources Control Board

TSCA = Toxic Substances Control Act

T/S/D = Treatment/Storage/Disposal Facility

UPA = Unified Program Agency

USC = United States Code

UST = Underground Storage Tank

UW = Universal Waste

WQCA = California Water Quality Control Act